Abdou Bensouda, Finatech Group Chief Executive Officer, Declares Association With Legal Suite

Abdou Bensouda, CEO of Finatech Group, announced a partnership with Legal Suite. Via its Artemis activity, Finatech Group has partnered with Legal Suite and both companies specialize in publishing software devoted to tax and legal matters. The focus of this collaboration is that they are now able to offer joint customers the best of their expertise.

Finatech Group develops various partnerships to improve the relevance of the Company’s global offering. It engages in industrial and technology partnerships. Moreover, it participates in project development and funding partnerships and local partnerships. Partnerships allow Finatech to build custom solutions to enhance the level of expertise brought to its clientele.

The two companies will promote and implement a modular software legal management Legal Suite. A particular feature is to supply legal professionals a wide spectrum of modules tailored to each area of activity. Activity areas include internal consulting, real estate, litigation, management contracts, and more.

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Abdou Bensouda Announces New Venture With Greensolver

Abdou Bensouda Announces New Website for Finatech Group

Abdou Bensouda, Chairman and CEO of Finatech Group, a division of FinanceCom a leading financial group, announced that Finatech Group has launched a new website: www.finatech.com

Finance.Com is involved in diverse sectors with strong potential for growth involving Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

Currently FinanceCom has

  • Total assets: $ 15 billion
  • Assets: $ 15.2 billion
  • Capital: $ 1.1 billion
  • Employees: 20,000 employees

Abdou Bensouda announced that the new web site, Finatech Group offers new and improved access to customers and prospects by providing 24/7 access.

The new site has been created to be, more present, more responsive to the needs of our customers and prospects. The site will make Finatech more visible on the national and international market and will provide up to date informationon Finatech’s businesses, organization, events and strategies.

The new site is bi-lingual and designed to be easy to access and use.

Abdou Bensouda also invites visits to Finatech Groups other websites:


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