Abdou Bensouda Optimistic In Relation To Way Forward For Alternative Energy In Morocco

Finatech Group is a top global energy solutions integrator in Morocco and Abdou Bensouda has an optimistic perspective concerning the future of alternative energy in the nation. In Morocco, the Company is additionally a top turn-key services integrator to the IT (Information Technology), telecom (telecommunications), and energy market sectors. Its activities are at the heart of the African continent and Morocco’s development challenges.

Finatech Group, under the management of Abdou Bensouda, offers client companies a wide-ranging suite of worldwide services and solutions. This includes operations, maintenance, construction, and additionally design. The Firm has expertise in services, systems integration, installation, and engineering, which qualify it for the execution of major infrastructure projects and sophisticated systems.

The attention in Morocco is on renewable energy to guarantee the nation’s energy security. To assist it in realizing its objective, Finatech and the aforementioned Greensolver will provide manufacturers, investors and also other corporations to help encourage the construction, development, and maintenance of numerous alternative energy operations within the country.

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