Abdou Bensouda, Finatech Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Declares Partnership With Legal Suite

Abdou Bensouda, CEO of Finatech Group, announced a partnership with Legal Suite. Via its Artemis activity, Finatech has partnered with Legal Suite and the two companies focus on publishing software dedicated to tax and legal matters. The main focus of the partnership is that they are now able to offer joint customers the best of their expertise.

Finatech Group develops various partnerships to enhance the relevance of the Company’s global offering. It participates in industrial and technology partnerships. In addition, it participates in project development and funding partnerships and local partnerships. Partnerships allow Finatech to create custom solutions to heightenthe level of expertise delivered to its customers.

The two companies will implement and promote a modular software legal management Legal Suite. A particular feature is to supply legal professionals a wide spectrum of modules customized to each activity area. Activity areas include internal consulting, real estate, litigation, management contracts, and more.

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