Abdou Bensouda Talks About Capabilities Of Finatech Group

Abdou Bensouda, Chief Executive Officer of Finatech Group, explained the Company’s capabilities as a foremost value-added integrator. The Company provides its client companies with a broad array of worldwide solutions and services including design, construction, maintenance and operations. It was founded in Casablanca in July of 2007.

Finatech Group established by way of the merger and acquisition of several leading companies in the IT (Information Technology), telecommunications, energy and associated fields. The Company has 150 staff. Finatech is a subsidiary of FinanceCom, which is one of the very first institutional investors in Morocco. FinanceCom is a leading financial player in Africa.

Finatech helps its major private and public clients in the use of strategic projects in the energy, defense, transportation, as well as services industries. These diverse projects include communications; data center infrastructures, electrical facilities, and energy networks. Moreover, projects include public lighting, radar and critical information systems content management and AV engineering.

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