Abdou Bensouda, Finatech Group CEO, Declares RelationshipWith Greensolver

Chief Executive Officer, Abdou Bensouda, announced in 2014 that Finatech Group and Greensolver consented to cooperate on a wide array of solar- and wind-related services within Morocco. Both organizations are alternative energy development enterprises. Morocco has set an objective of producing 42 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020.

Finatech Group is one of Morocco’s biggest companies when it comes to energy, telecommunications and transportation. It ispositioned to utilize its knowledge of the Moroccan infrastructure during its venture with Greensolver. Greensolver is a third-party provider of services to the renewables sector. It is looking to enlarge its reach to new markets.

The two companies offer to local institutions, investors, industry, as well as others, a turnkey solution for the development, construction and operation of wind and solar farms. Greensolver and Finatech will jointly develop and market a comprehensive assortment of services devoted to solar-photovoltaic and wind power in Morocco.

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